Aluminium Dry Container

Container Length10 feet
Container TypeDry Container
Capacity10-20 ton
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Place Of OriginCoimbatore

Used for transporting all types of goods, except liquids. The drycargo container comes in a variety of sizes. Depending on the service provider, the container can be measured in 20′, 40′ or a little bit above 45′.

Dry containers are the most common containers which is widely used for transportation on road and water through shipping vessels. These steel containers are generally are completely closed and weatherproof and with a rigid roof with sidewalls and base which is Fully shielded.

Appropriate for a wide range of payload, the 20-foot and 40-foot dry containers made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum vessels have wider freight accommodation as compared to the steel containers. But that doesn’t undermine the use of steel containers as they have a giant interior cube inside them.

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