Container Conversions

Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Shipping and offshore containers can be build and converted in Coolova. Our in house designers and engineering team is equipped with providing various solutions for container industry. Shipping containers can be modified into various applications according to the customer requirements. It includes but not limited to,

  • Mobile dispensaries
  • Sewage water and other waste treatment plants
  • Refreshment rooms
  • Kiosks for exhibitions
  • Storage rooms for Industrial commodities
  • Security Check points
  • Mobile washing units
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Employee lodgings
  • Worksite supervision offices
  • Rooms for delicate machineries
  • Exhibition kiosks

Steel Dry Cargo Container Body

Steel Dry Cargo containers are the most economical solution for transportation of general purpose commodities.The containers are fabricated out of press formed MS steel sections for both structural and paneling.The container after assembly will be primer coated for rust and corrosion protection.The container floor shall be of composite plywood with PU varnish finish. The container will have a pair of fully open type doors at the rear and a side door can be provided as an option.

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