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Refrigeration Projects

Coolova undertake all sorts of Refrigeration projects and are able to satisfy our precious customers by meeting their exact requirements in time. Coolova is having technically qualified and experienced hands to serve the customers in guiding them to fulfill their refrigeration requirements. Our Refrigeration projects portfolio includes Cold Rooms/ Cold warehouse, Pre cooling pack house, Ripening Chambers, Individual quick freezers, Amonia based cooling, Dairy Equipments, Ice plants, Docking systems, Mortuary Cabinets, Medical Refrigeration Equipments, Kitchen Refrigerators etc.

Cold Warehouses

Cold Storage being an inevitable part of the frozen food supply chain needs certainty in ensuring storage of perishable products in an optimal temperature range. Even a temperature difference of few degrees will lead to a huge loss for companies in one way or another. Coolova ensures success in your business by providing all supports to keep your perishable goods in the hygienic conditions that helps to retain the quality of goods. We are the manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of Cold Ware Houses which is used for storing items, which are sensitive to extreme temperatures or those needed for immediate use like; seafood, fruits, meat, milk & dairy products, vegetables, seeds etc. We provide custom made Cold warehouses with CFC free refrigerant.

Pre-Cooler Pack Houses

Pre-Cooler Pack houses are designed as per the requirement from the customers to ensure pre-cooling of produce immediately after the harvest so as to retain the quality for long period of time. It can be utilized by the farmers for handling their freshly harvested vegetables and fruits. Coolova is using high quality insulation panels for roofing and walls and also optimal selection of units for giving refrigeration effect evenly.

Ripening Chambers

By making available high quality and grade raw materials Coolova serves the fruit industry in providing a far reaching range of ripening chambers that meets the dimensional requirement of the customer. Wecan offer thermostatically balanced range of Fruit Ripening Chamber to the clients. These are air tight chambers having special evaporator coils for controlled temperature and humidity are equipped with Ethylene generators to chargenatural ethylene gas to initiate ripening of fruits. Stacking system can also be provided for bigger sized chambers We grants cost effective methods in designing different chambers that optimize the temperature, humidity and gas emission. We offers high performing banana ripening chambers, mango ripening chambers and fruit ripening chambers meeting the standards of quality and health. We are the suppliers/traders of Blue Star make cold room ripening chamber with a capacity ranging from 7.5 Ton to 30 Ton. Easy maintenance and long service life makes it more attractive to customers.

Individual Quick Freezers

IQF are applied as the best solution for maintaining the freshness of fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and peaches; vegetables like corn, peas, and green beans; seafood like shrimp and scallops; or poultry, like individual chicken breasts. There are straight belt and spiral belt type IQFs. Unlike other options in the IQF system the products are cooled as individual ones. Coolova delivers high quality Individual quick freezers designed using food grade materials which ensures extended shelf life of the goods by creating small ice crystal forms over individual commodity. Quick freezing ensures minimal water loss and high product quality. Freezing time varies between 5-50 minutes and freezing temperature will be -35+/-2.

Ammonia Based Cooling

Ammonia based Refrigeration systems are considered as cost effective as it took 10-20% less compared to that of CFCs based Refrigeration Systems and is more efficient than CFCs. So it requires less electricity resulting in reduction in operating cost. Coolova offers Ammonia based cooling systems which is more ecofriendly on considering the zero rating of Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Ammonia based cooling equipments in fact offers the perfect solutions for agro, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Dairy Equipments

Coolova is one among the leading suppliers of wide range of high quality dairy equipments like Milking machine, Milk Strainer, Milk Analyzer, Milk Collection Accessories, Cream Separator, Butter Churns, Milk Testing Equipments, Milk packaging machine etc. Coolova offers products which are fabricated from high grade raw material only like stainless steel, aluminiumetc. We make available these Dairy Equipments at very competitive rates which satisfies the requirements of customers.

Ice Plants

We serve our valued customers by providing high efficiency Ice Plants which make use of good quality refrigerant components. It can be produced as per the demand from the customers with most energy saving options incorporated in it. We ensures rapid and outstanding freezing performance for the money you spend. Our ice plants are free from defects and are having long service life that makes the customer happy. Flake ice Plants are designed in accordance to the latest trends in the market ensuring high levels of client’s satisfaction. These are mainly used for long term storage of perishable products where pre-determine temperature. Coolova offers these ice plants in different range of models, sizes and specifications.

Docking Systems

Coolova can make avail of Dock Products like levelers, Shelters and Seals, Accessories etc with assurance in quality. Wide range of models can be imported depending on the need of the customer. These products can ensure high return on your investment.

Medical Refrigeration

Coolova serves the hospitals and medical labs in and around Kerala by delivering high quality medical refrigeration products of Blue star Brand including Blood Bank Refrigerators and cryogenic lab freezers with advanced temperature sensors, effective insulation and other salient features like security control alarm. We also delivers under counter lab refrigerators for the storage of pharmaceuticals and other medical products. Coolova also offers Mortuary Chambers manufactured by making use of high grade raw material with interior stainless steel finish.

Kitchen Refrigerators

In order to store your food items in cool and hygienic conditions we offers a wide range of models for Kitchen Refrigerators which matches your interest and suitable for your budget.

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